Unlocking the full potential of your product,

over and over again.

Our logic begins as soon as you contemplate purchasing a new product!

The Manual Company presents an digital toolbox for the creation of e-commerce, interactive instruction manuals. The complete connection between the producer, the customer and the product.



Create your e-commerce digital instruction manual & content easily and quickly with our new open source platform.

Teach the customer how to know the product.

Imagine... if you could produce a digital instruction manual that helps you as much as it helps the user.

Using our manual creative suite, you can bring digital transformation to your business and benefit on real cost savings.

Imagine... If you could easily increase customer experience and loyalty.

Our manual creative suite ensures a positive customer experience, ensuring that the product fits the customer, increasing loyalty with notifications and smart content distribution.

Imagine... digital branded, relevant & timely customer service.

Our manual creative suite brings you a first class interactive digital instruction manual experience, reducing; printing, external & internal headcount and reducing your carbon footprint.

Imagine... if you could improve spare parts distribution and achieve effective upselling.

Our manual creative suite allows you to engage with a customer who needs repairs or servicing or who would like to replace the product with a new one or service.


Share your e-commerce digital instruction manual & content with our Manual library app, absolutely free!

Let your customer unlock the product’s full potential.

Imagine... if you could provide your customer with exact product information exactly when they needed it.

Our no cost customer connection app. Your IoT e-commerce interface can communicate directly giving real-time access to important information about the product, such as status, up-time statistics, any needed actions, and adding microtransaction capability.

Imagine... if you could solve a problem, exactly when there is a problem.

Our app allows you to help your customer. If that means scheduling a service call, ordering spare parts, proper troubleshooting, or a conflict resolution.

Imagine... if you could provide your customer with a voice.

Our app allows customers that want to connect with fellow owners through a forum, or would updates on the latest news.

Imagine... if you could notify your customer anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Our app can provide an easy way to connect with customer service and social media outlets so they can speak their mind about their experience with your product, suggest improvements and share useful hints and ideas.


Connect directly to your customer using our digital after-sales services. Know what your customer is doing, thinking and using over the product life cycle.

Know your customer!

Imagine... if you could create, share and connect digitally to your customer.

Well, now you can. You can now deliver your digital instruction manual directly to your customer, You can then share the content so your customer can ´know the product` Then with our digital after-sales services you can finally get to `know the customer`.

Imagine... if you could upsell products to existing customers or encourage them to buy your new products.

By using our instant notification & content marketing systems you can help your customers identify their upgrade or new product by “push education”.

Imagine... if your customer could order spare parts, accessories, connect with service centres and provide perfect customer care.

By using our notification centre you can help your customer locate the best way to order spare parts & accessories directly and easily put them in touch with local service centres.

Imagine... if you could review the statistics of your customer, see all registrations and improve customer loyalty.

Logging onto your manual-dashboard & by using our various after-sales modules, you will be able to examine all of the data accessed from your customer database.


Cost-Saving Ecology & the Environment.

Rethink, Redesign, Print less!

Imagine... if you could dramatically reduce your costs whilst also reducing your carbon footprint?

With our manual-audit & #PRINTZERO, we examine your production costs against our digital solutions, not only showing where you can save but how much. Naturally your carbon footprint is then re-calculated.

Imagine... if you could reach #PRINTZERO, save money and improve customer care and outreach.

With our digital platform, we will reach #PRINTZERO together. Reducing your costs in production, ink & print. Also showing you how an interactive digital e-commerce manual will improve your business, no end!

Imagine... if you could not only improve the functionality of your product but redesign and simplify your instruction manuals.

Our manual creation platform allows the creation & production of e-commerce digital instruction manual & content easily and quickly with options to reduce and compress.

Imagine... if all the data belonged to you and no one else...

Our manual creation platform is open source, so you can be sure by using it you are safe in the knowledge that all your data belongs to you, all of the time, for the rest of the time.

Our Unique Individual Customer Connection Services

After-sales Modules & Services

1. Easy Registration

Receive product registrations
& completed warranty information.

2. Product Statistics (Data & Metrics)

Accurate information on your
product & customer.

3. Content Marketing

Add professional, on topic, focused content at the right time of the product lifecycle. (notifications & articles).

4. Create Direct Customer Link

Provide upsales & future sales, sell/organize spare-parts & accessories. Add extended warranties & product insurance, upgrades & professional manuals.

5. Locate Service Centers

Resolve issues- troubleshooting, create service chat/boards.

6. Community Help/Content

Building your product & brand community, engagement, and involvement.